RIP BrewSpew

BrewSpew was a lovely community where we shared home brew beer recipes. Users could upload recipes, other people could try them, and we could discuss the outcomes and compare techniques.

As the site grew in users, we couldn't find enough people interested in moderating. Spammers found their way in, despite email verification, and before I knew it, we were hosting more blackhat ad/links than beer recipes.

In the fall of 2013 I decided that I couldn't moderate it, and would have to shut down the site. It had become unuseable in the state it was in. I planned on implementating a new user registration system.

There are now several recipe sharing sites, that are better than brew spew was, so brew spew will probably not return. I've moved on to other projects. Thanks to all who shared their recipes and contributed to it.

Have fun brewing. ~Jon 2015